Welcome, I'm a Portrait Photographer in Fresno, CA., specializing in custom portraits and commercial photography. Please feel free to contact me about your project today!

I’ve worked with many different subjects and styles since I started shooting in 2010, and I have found that nothing satisfies me more than a custom, creative portrait that truly reflects the personality of the subject. Ready to see yourself in a whole new light?

First, we’ll talk a bit over the phone, email, or over coffee to get to know one another a bit and come up with a personalized concept/theme for your photo shoot that is tailor-fit to you.

Next, we’ll pick a shoot date and location so you can get your hair/makeup artist booked if you choose to hire one, which I usually recommend regardless of the shoot style. Between this point and your shoot date.

Finally, your shoot day will arrive! Most portrait shoots take 2-3 hours, not including time you’ll need beforehand to work with the hair and makeup artist you’ve booked.

After your shoot, we’ll sit down together and select your best images for retouching and printing. Your prints and/or digital files will be ready within a week or two of your shoot in most cases.

A special note to introverts: I'm an introvert, too, believe it or not! I know that having your portrait done is probably not your idea of a ‘fun’ day. I know that it feels a bit scary in front of the camera – I’ve been there, too. But try not to worry! With a great concept to explore, your hair and makeup looking amazing, and a fantastic outfit on, you will feel like a million bucks and have a blast on shoot day! Yes, you'll be a little bit nervous at first, but that feeling will quickly pass and you'll have a blast at your shoot. Plus, it will result in incredible art that will last forever and perhaps even help you see yourself in a whole new light...

“I do not paint a portrait to look like the subject, rather does the person grow to look like his portrait” -Salvador Dali

“Treat Yo Self”
-Donna Meagle