Learning One-on-One

I'm happy to teach you photography one-on-one!  If you are the type of person that learns most things best in a hands-on, individualized environment, that is probably the best way for you to learn photography, too.  In a one-on-one situation, you get second-by-second instruction and most importantly, feedback.  This is generally also the most effective way to avoid bad habits, stay motivated, avoid spending on unnecessary and expensive equipment, stay encouraged, and get pleasing results quickly.

If you think this type of learning is right for you, my local rate for individual instruction only (within 30 miles of Lafayette, IN) is $25 per hour with a 2 hour minimum.

Low travel rates for service to outlying areas - just ask! 

Want to learn with a friend, a partner, or a small group, and split the cost?  That's fine with me!  I teach groups of up to 4 people at no additional fee. 


Questions?  Booking Inquiries?  

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